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The exhibition opening will be held in Varese at Villa Recalcati 10 April at 18:30 and is easily reachable from Milan, thanks to a free round-trip shuttle service


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PRESS RELEASE: “Cardboard Dreams – The sustainable levity of design”

Video: Il design di Caporaso in mostra a Varese

“Cardboard Dreams – The sustainable levity of design”

Cardboard Dreams –
The sustainable levity of design
Solo Exhibition of
Giorgio Caporaso

By Nicoletta Romano

Piazza Libertà 1, Varese Italy

From 10 to 25 April 2013

Opening hours:
wed-sun 3-6 pm

Opening: 10 April at 18.30
A cocktail party will follow

Organization: Logics Srl
Manager: Matteo Redaelli

“When design becomes ethics and philosophy of life. Through this exhibition, Giorgio Caporaso’s works show how beauty, usability and sustainability may originate from raw materials. As raw as those forming the planet we live in. Let’s open our mind to a new lifestyle that sets us in harmony with the world.”
Nicoletta Romano