Milan Design Week 2013:

Sogni di cartone
La sostenibile leggerezza del design

10-25 aprile 2013
Villa Recalcati
Varese Piazza Libertà 1

GOODESIGN 2013 - Milano - Cascina Cuccagna
9 - 14 aprile 2013

Triennale design Week
Palazzo della Triennale
9 - 14 aprile 2013

Showroom Trecinquezeroluce
Piazza S.Ambrogio, 16 - Palazzo Caccia Dominioni
9 - 14 aprile 2013

grandesignEtico Ambienti Sensibili e Sostenibili
9 - 14 aprile 2013
via Capellari, 3

Lessmore at ICFF 2013

"ICFF - International Contemporary Furniture Fair"
K. Javits Convention Center
11th Avenue at 38th Street
New York City, USA
18 - 21 May 2013
Javits North Platform

The Cafe Javits North Platform, on the occasion of the ICFF - International Contemporary Furniture Fair, will be furnished with a few pieces of Giorgio Caporaso EcoDesign Collection of Lessmore

Expression of lifestyle that becomes a declaration of love to our planet. The Ecodesign Collection by Giorgio Caporaso tells of the personal research of style and functionality which Italian architect and designer Giorgio Caporaso has been pursuing for a long time in the field of eco-design, giving a particular charm even to materials traditionally considered as poor, such as cardboard. Not simply furnishings, but the expression of a real philosophy, environmentally friendly and attentive to the needs of an increasingly mobile and changeable life.

Lessmore at ICFF 2013 NY